I’ve Got Poppy’s Chair!

The door barely opens and he’s in on the run,
before the first greetings have even begun.
He’s wearing a big grin as he quickly zips by,
barely slowing, he turns to catch his Poppy’s eye.

The game is on and they both are aware
that, for the next few moments, the prize is…a chair.
Not just any chair mind you, it has to be Poppy’s.
Later he’ll be intrigued with sports and jalopies.

But today, at this time, make no mistake.
Lucas is competing, my seat to take.
He races to gain the first advantage.
With another chair, Poppy will have to manage.

For a few moments, these two simply have no cares,
as the game evolves into musical chairs.
Lucas scores first, diving into my recliner,
Now, it’s time to switch places…to swap our behinders.

Laughing and giggling, all the way through
(that’s me, but I see he’s enjoying this, too!)
Perhaps he’ll eventually wind up in my lap,
Where not too many years ago, I held his Pap.

poppys chair-w350

But today, it’s just us two running around,
him taking what’s mine; me, pretending to frown.
One day this game will give way to other pursuits,
like bicycles, skateboards or books by Dr. Seuss.

But the “Poppy’s Chair” game will always remain,
Indelibly, lovingly imprinted on my brain.
Played often, it’s fun and quite a cardio workout.
It pays “divigrins” and helps keep me stout.

It strengthens the bond of grandfather-grandson.
To see that boy smile has become my “Job One”.
When “I’ve got Poppy’s chair!” resounds in my ear,
it means something much more than a game around here.

Lucas may never know that from the very start,
he could have had my chair…’cause he already had my heart.

Steve “Poppy” Alexander
October 23, 2008

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