Sweetness and Spice and Everything Nice

Marriage is sweetness and spice and everything nice.
It is the ideal union of one man and one woman
It embraces all that is good and right in the world.
It is synergy at its finest hour… combining the fullness of a good woman, with a simple, but courageous man.
Two hearts… two flames… two livers… two lovers.
It is the highest peak love can climb and still breathe.
After all, it was love that started all this mushiness and it will be love that will keep your mushiness mushy.
Love is the accelerator pedal in the SUV of life. Coasting is for sissies!
In its infancy, marriage is sweetness and light… after all, we are talking honeymoon!
No man has ever looked so dashing and handsome; no woman as radiant and beautiful!
They have eyes only for one another. TV is for dullards; books for nerds.
Deep penetrating looks betray the passions that run just under the surface.
Conversations take on a life of their own.
Then comes the “I do.”
You do… and she do, too.
Y’all both do the fandango, too.
You return to earth briefly to begin careers, savings accounts, and grocery lists.
Outside interferences bombard your lives, but you still have eyes only for each other.
Sweetness begets sweetness; there is no problem that can’t be bathed in sweetness.
Tomorrow is nothing, if not another opportunity to look again in your lover’s eyes and say “Aren’t you ready yet?”
Her meals, voyages to the unknown, are sumptuous feasts in his eyes.
She notices and blushes… then helps him find the Pepto Bismol.
They grow towards each other, each an individual, but better together.
But they stop short of beginning to look alike… that’s scary!
What started out as two hearts beating, now sounds as one rhythm.
Can married life really be this nice?
…when pigs fly.

— Alexander the Grate

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