Daffodils From the Heart

With his head down, he comes sauntering in,
with his eyebrows where his chin had been.
Wyatt’s our fourth grandchild and we’re as proud as can be,
that he’s coming into his own, for all the world to see.

Since he entered this world in two thousand and ten,
he’s not had much to say.  Not a who, what or when.
Now his world is busy, you just have to watch to see;
He’s into heavy machinery…maybe a builder to be.

Playing quietly by himself, Wyatt’s in his zone;
with his trucks and tractors, until his dad Matt comes home.
Big brother is special to Wyatt, don’t cha see.
But when dad’s around, that’s where Wyatt wants to be!

He cares as much for his sister Ava, too,
but boys being boys…well, they have so much to do!
There are holes to be dug and when they are through,
you get to race cars…not one…maybe twenty-two.

The bad guys are out there and have an hour lead.
So, Ava joins her two brothers – all three on their knees,
as they race their cars from one point to another,
catching those hombres before they get any further.

Having twenty cars in your posse is as easy as pie,
if you are at Mimi’s and Poppy’s, and here’s the reason why.
One fateful Saturday morning, to a yard sale they drove,
and when they returned they had a treasure trove.

Sacks full of little cars that would make any boy grin;
enough to chase bad guys again, and again…and again.
Another sack held toys that now make Wyatt drool;
tractors, trucks, trailers…y’know…working man’s tools.

While Matt can’t resist any tool he sees,
Wyatt is content learning constructability.
Diggin’, loadin’ and haulin’ is the obvious joy,
for this quiet, intent and shy little boy.

When he and his mom would arrive at our place,
you’d speak to him, but he’d bury his face.
At those times his mom was his pacifier,
and one would think he couldn’t get any shyer.

But Wyatt is becoming a joy to be around,
and his interests are bigger than just digging in the ground.
He idolizes big sis and brother so much,
they hardly can move without his constant touch.

Lucas, particularly, is this little one’s idol.
Though years apart, he will always sidle
up next to Lucas, whatever he’s pursuing,
to be a part of what his big brother is doing.

Lucas is golden, but his mom is something else.
Wyatt really loves her and she found out herself,
when she planted some daffodil bulbs in the ground.
To teach her children something very profound.

The miracle of growth is a wonderful way,
to show how God loves us, in a beautiful display.
So, as weeks would pass, the children would dash,
to see if flowers had started pushing through the grass.

Before long, green chutes began to appear,
and finally a small bud made it abundantly clear,
that a beautiful flower wasn’t far behind.
But that was not what Wyatt had in mind.

Youngsters are not too big on waiting,
instant gratification; now that’s captivating.
Wyatt swung into action and with focused calm,
pulled the bud and plant, to surprise his mom!

His joy was short lived, and his siblings ranted,
“You’ve messed up now, those flowers mom planted,
still had some growing to do, you’re in trouble deep!”
Then Mom entered the room, before Wyatt could weep.

“Why, Wyatt, you’ve brought me a beautiful gift,”
Mom said, as Wyatt began to tear up and sniff.
But wiser than her years, she thought, before there are tears,
I’ll use this to teach something special to these dears.

No harm done, as she quieted Lucas and Ava,
I’ll just stick this in a vase, right here on the table.
And we’ll continue to watch and see what God can do,
with little mistakes that all of us make…Wyatt, too.

By the very next morning, the children were greeted,
by a gorgeous yellow blossom that God had completed.
Wyatt’s fear that he’d failed, was now turned to a smile,
and everyone learned that sometimes God just takes a while.

God’s love for us runs deep and true,
and is not wholly dependent on the things we do.
As long as we open our hearts to His love,
and let Him bless our lives from above.

But Wyatt and flowers still have some growing to do.
For every so often, to prove he loves his mommy true,
Wyatt will go a-flower-pickin’ somewhere, in some yard.
bringing back a lone, wilted bloom most would discard.

His mommy, knowing the love in this gentle child,
will thank him profusely, which will bring out Wyatt’s smile.
She’s careful to protect his tender heart,
for his intentions are great, whatever he starts.
We all learn that finding beauty in God’s creation,
is easy when you liken it to His salvation,
And giving it to others becomes our destination!

Stephen “Poppy” Alexander
July 31, 2014

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