Turn the Page

Life goes on and with each passing age,
We get to reflect on the turn of the page.
Catherine began life with a head full of curls,
Belying the tomboy that was inside this girl.

A natural athlete of considerable skill,
With a basketball in hand, she was the real deal!
Summertimes were spent at the lake called Broadway.
Enjoying cookouts with her family and tubing all day.

School meant friends and Catherine’s always had many,
A superior student, her IQ was uncanny.
But sickness was a hindrance that reduced her attendance,
and made her scholastic success even more amazing.

Putting sneakers away, she tried out for the arts.
Here she found her niche, and got most of the good parts.
A delightful singer, voice lessons were certain;
To add to her abilities, when they raised the curtain.

An actress in the family, comely and fair.
She’s enjoyed her fling with the cultural fare.
But her heart leads her elsewhere, as you all know;
Babysitting has always been her love (not to mention the dough!)

Another page turns and with high school behind her,
It’s Lander College next on her GPS finder.
Cousin Shelley’s there and can show her the ropes.
Earning a college degree is one of her main hopes.

She’s finding her way, dreaming her dreams;
This tomboy who has turned to more girly things.
She can’t wait to be out on her own she thinks,
(her parents just smile, with knowing winks).

This beauty, who’s kind and helpful to friends and others,
Has had some help growing up from her two brothers.
Now, it’s time to make her own way in this world.
She’s ready, willing and able, this girl.

Dreams, her dreams, are coming true.
After college, she knows what she wants to do.
Working with children would be her desire,
Babysitting helped to fuel that fire.

If her other ventures are any indication,
This young lass, with her determination,
Will win the hearts of those in her care,
And succeed in everything she dares.

Steve Alexander
May, 2010

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